Investing in people decentralizing the future

NextGen Blockchain Capital is on the lookout for the next big thing.
We invest in emerging science-driven startups that move boundaries forward.

Investment focus

The Asian market has been booming with a plethora of emerging companies looking to raise capital. As yet, there is a lack of a robust local funding ecosystem dedicated towards supporting innovation-oriented ventures.


Infrastructure & open finance

Crypto assets

200k- 10M ticket size

Our Vision

The shift from traditional finance to the digital economy is inevitable with the rise of crypto assets.

The future of the Internet is decentralized. Web 3.0 infrastructure and applications will provide individuals with greater control over their data and better privacy protections for all parties involved.

Open source financial applications built on top of decentralized technology offer what investors need most: reliable and secure investment opportunities for all.


We see a growing demand for blockchain applications in the market, yet due to a lack of funding the Asian ecosystem is not developed enough to meet that demand. With a young and enthusiastic team, NextGen Blockchain Capital is ideally positioned to capture this opportunity in Asia.

-Henry Bouchard-


We live in a world where the most fantastical things have become reality, from 3D printed houses that rise themselves to artificial intelligence that has become commonplace for everyday tasks like driving cars - all thanks to technology. Yet there is so much more still coming down the pipeline.

Our team

We are an eclectic team that brings together those with different backgrounds, including scientists, academics, and engineers. We love the unpredictable and are not afraid of going against the grain and doing things differently, because that is where innovation happens.

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